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Project Overview

Social Perception Study

To observe the existing local society condition, we deploy social perception studies in terms of the local citizens’ social economy aspect, health, religion, culture, and tradition. This part is usually conducted by doing in-depth interviews with several local citizens in several survey points.

Field Survey

We also assess the existing social condition through a field survey that consists of basic information regarding the local citizens’ household, family members, sources of income, daily activities (depending on the surrounding environment condition), level of education for both parents and children, and economic condition (i.e. income level, etc.)

What we Delivered

The social impact assessment will start with observation of the basic information, then moving on the local citizens’ economy, education and health condition, then at the last part is the perception study. We put a perception study for the last part because this in-depth interview takes the longest time and we have to be efficient with the time we use. 

Furthermore, our API social economy sector could deliver the social demography condition of related areas that are needed for the related project. We use questionnaires, in-depth interviews and field surveys to complete the data. Our scope of work are following the ISO 9001 when we conduct the social impact assessment.


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