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Project Overview


An overview and complex analysis for the existing environment were essential during the drilling activities (both in well pad and road construction activities) that was carried out by BMT for Repsol. Those drilling activities would definitely have some potential impacts to the adjacent ecosystem around Anggun, Jambi Province.

Developing the analysis based on the current (block wide data) and additional data on the drilling area would result in some recommendations to minimize the impacts in the ecosystem. Therefore, the environmental sensitivity analysis and potential impact review are needed to be done in order to influence the decision making process during the drilling activities. The complexities of this project were successfully tackled by BMT to comply the client requirement.

What We Delivered

BMT conducted this project in four main studies: justifying the choice of the study area, baseline study, environmental sensitivity analysis, and providing some recommendations. Physical and biological environment data were gathered by sampling in particular location based on the study area analysis.

It consisted of climate and meteorology conditions, air and water quality, soil characteristics, and flora/fauna within their habitat.

Provided recommendations by BMT based on the potential impacts and ecosystem from this sensitivity study would definitely support the customers to minimize the impacts from the drilling activities

Service and Expertise Provided

  • Certified field sampler and environmental engineering expert

  • Accredited Laboratory by KAN (National Laboratory Accreditation Committee for Testing)

  • Expert Biologist


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